MyRCModels was designed as a notebook for aeromodelists on the flying field.

MyRCModels allows you to manage the informations about your RC models ( airplane, glider so far) .

You may record :

• the specifications of each configuration of your models with photo album,

• the flights made with their locations,

• the programming of sticks and controls of the transmitter,

• the setups to do at workbench and during flight (as CG position, deflections, ...

• the accurate mass balance,

• the costs of your models,

• a todolist of changes to do on the models.

In this way you may retrieve on the field the important informations.

You may also manage :

• your equipments sets : battery, ESC, motor, propeller, receiver, servos, transmitters,

• your flying sites,

• the usage of your set of batteries,

• your personal records.

and test the performance of each configuration of your models.

To my knowledge there are no app of this type on the App Store.

If you are interested I could improve it and add more features according to your wishes.



Thank you for downloading this app. If you wish to make comments or suggestions for improvement or would like assistance, please use the email address below:

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