PhotoMetaData is a very useful app for any professional or amateur photographer.

It is used to enter the IPTC metadatas after the shooting session.

MyRCModels was designed as a notebook for aeromodelists on the flying field .

MyRCModels allows to manage information about your RC models ( airplane, glider so far) .

If you are interested I could improve it and add more features according to your wishes.

WindFX is useful with all activities in which the direction and strength of the wind are to be taken into account.

Design Your Calc: The goal is to make the interface more adaptable to the "mobility", the eyesight and perception of space of each user. In one word to make the interface more comfortable for everyone.

To illustrate this concept, here is a calculator application which you can move and resize the display and keys

Vocal Countdown help you to stay focus on other tasks during a countdow.