For all the activities related to the use of the wind (sailing, paragliding, ...) the analysis of the weather makes it possible to choose each day the most favorable site or sites according to their characteristics: type of site, orientations of the wind, minimum speed ...

Today this analysis of the weather forecast requires to consult several websites or dedicated apps and to decide according to our knowledge of the sites.

However the more the number of sites increases the more it becomes complicated.

In addition we often have one or more local sites for which we want to know frequently if the weather conditions are consistent with the activity. In that case the choice of site can be done at the last minute since they are nearby.

But for remote sites that require a car trip we want to be informed in advance.

The purpose of WindFX is to facilitate and automate this analysis of the weather forecast and to quickly present for a selected period the favorable site (s) according to previously defined choice criteria.

WindFx is universal and can be used by a windsurfer as well as a paraglider. Only a few criteria like the speed range are different between windsurfing and paragliding.

Here are some examples of research:

-what are the favorable sites for this weekend in a radius of 100km?

-which is the optimum planning for the next 5 days,...

WindFX is useful with all activities in which the direction and strength of the wind are to be taken into account.

-all seaside water sports: kitesurfing, windsurfing, sand yachting ...

-all free flight activities: paragliding, hang gliding, ..

-all activities of radio controlled flight: plane, glider, drone, slope, ...

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